Why you need fast-loading adverts and landing pages

Why you need fast-loading adverts and landing pages


Mobile technology is changing the way we do things in so many areas.

As 60% of people with a smartphone now use them as their go-to method of accessing the internet, how we construct our web pages is having to change to keep up.

It’s all about using the most appropriate page size and content, and having the quickest loading speeds. AMPs are the way forward, and Google is now looking at boosting loading speeds for adverts and landing pages.


What are AMPs?


They are Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is a project originating from Google creating really fast mobile pages. The key is the use of a simplified version of HTML code, simplified CSS, and a special JavaScript which doesn’t hold things up.

AMPs are designed to load quickly.

Why? Because that’s a key requirement for mobile pages which are viewed on smartphones.

It’s all about creating a smooth, seamless user experience. It’s all about readability and keeping people on the pages.

Frustrated users will not wait for pages to load and they won’t come back.

You can create your own AMPs then validate them by using the developer tools in Google Chrome – it will also tell you about any problems the pages may have which could hold down loading speeds.


Why is Google going to boost advert loading speeds?


If your page takes a second to load, and the advert on it takes four or five seconds, your readers may well have moved down the page and missed it by then.

It’s not a good deal for advertisers if they’re paying for messages which may well be missed.

Google says it is now introducing the same technology for adverts as for content on the rest of the pages.

The move was revealed at Google’s Double Click Summit last month by Vice President of Display, Video, and Analytics Paul Muret.


So how does that affect landing pages?


Landing pages are the perfect vehicle for sales and offers. Adverts on AMPs often link to them – so they need to have the same fast-loading technology as the adverts, for the same reasons.

If you want to keep people in your sales funnel, you can’t lose them with a slower-loading landing page which feels clunky when viewed on a mobile.

At the summit, Mr Muret also announced the roll-out of AMP landing pages.


How could you benefit?


If you create AMPs, you’ll be tapping into a growing market. More and more people are using smartphones for everything in their lives, bypassing desktop technology.

When it comes to customers on mobile, AMPs give you advantages like:

  • Mobile-friendly pages get a boost in search results from Google. Some industry commentators have recently seen search results from AMPs overtaking those from paid-for adverts. Of course, better search results mean more visitors to your site – and better SEO.
  • Your pages are more likely to convert viewers into customers. You’re less likely to lose people along the way with a good UX and fast-loading pages.


If you want an edge over your competitors, talk to your SEO expert about AMPs.