SEO is my main product offering. I could write for hours on what SEO is and how it works but I’ll leave that for my blog, this is just a brief overview of what I offer my clients. Every client is different so I do not offer off the shelf SEO packages. I can adapt each campaign depending on budget, goals and expectations.

  • Keyword Research

    The first step to any campaign is choosing the right keywords. Without a targeted keyword plan you may drive the wrong type of customer to your website resulting in a poor return on investment. After learning about your business such as product offering, target market and capacity I will carry out the necessary research and recommend a selection of keywords that will fit within your budget and generate the right kind of customer.

  • On-Page SEO

    Following on from the keyword research I will then ensure that the target keywords are mentioned in the right places of your website at the appropriate density ensuring that the search engines are clear as to what your web pages are about and index you accordingly. I will use market leading website analysis software and Google Search Console to search for improvements and errors in your websites on-page SEO. I will then address any issues that we pick up on. This involves basic elements such writing an optimised meta structure, ensuring your keyword density is correct as well as improving your internal linking structure through to much more technical errors that are limiting how the search engines read and index your website.

  • Off-Page SEO

    Once the search engines are clear as to what your website offers and are indexing it correctly I will then work on raising your websites profile online. This is commonly known as link building although that term is a little outdated these days. Other websites that mention your website with a link back to you will improve both your authority and trust and will help you climb the search engines rankings. Other websites linking to your own remain extremely important to increasing your websites position and a carefully planned off-page SEO strategy will increase your traffic and conversions online.

  • Reporting

    I will report at the beginning of every month all of the important data to help us monitor how the campaign is progressing. This will include ranking changes, traffic performance, conversions and an overview of the work carried out.

  • Traffic Monitoring

    Should your website start achieving traffic but struggle to generate enquiries or sales I will use analytics software to understand weaknesses in your website and recommend changes to help increase conversions.

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