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Put simply, SEO is the process of making it easier for customers to find you online via the major search engines.

My approach to SEO: It’s all in the Detail.

When SEO is done well, it can bring a significant boost to your website traffic and overall conversions. But if you’re new to search, chances are that all talk of ‘keywords’, ‘backlinks’ and ‘title tags’ is leaving you confused.

With over 15 years of experience in SEO, working both agency-side and as a freelance SEO consultant, I have hands-on experience across multiple sectors.

While there are many SEO principles that occur across all campaigns, every strategy that I put together for you will be bespoke and focused entirely on your business goals and objectives. Just as no two businesses are the same, no two SEO campaigns should be either. Working alongside me, you will benefit from an SEO strategy that is bespoke and entirely tailored to your requirements.

The SEO Process

Understanding your business objectives

This is the first part of any SEO process – every project will start with an initial conversation to outline the goals and objectives of your website. Whether that’s to increase organic traffic, improve your search ranking or target a more defined audience, together we will focus on your aims. This initial evaluation is a critical part of the SEO process, as it enables us to build an SEO strategy that drives engaged users.

Auditing your current SEO

An SEO audit will determine the areas of your site that need some work. Some common issues that are often identified in an SEO audit include:

  • Poor site structure
  • Confusing URL structures
  • Crawl errors within Google Search Console
  • Broken links, where redirects are needed
  • No alt text on images
  • Uninteresting meta descriptions
  • No internal links between pages
  • Unoptimised title tags
  • Lots of external links which take your customers away from your website

The aim of the audit is to see how your website performs on a technical level; if any issues are identified, I can begin to prioritise fixes for you, to ensure your site SEO is soon in perfect health.

Analyse your competitors

Competitor analysis is key when you are looking to grow your online presence.
Using my SEO knowledge and leading SEO analysis software, I will analyse your competitors’ websites. The data found from this analysis will provide me with an insight into who is benefiting from organic traffic, which keywords are most valuable and which backlink strategies work best to have your website competing at the top of Google.

Engage in keyword research

Getting web content just right can be hard, so allow me to take over the stress of keyword research. I can find the keywords that customers in your niche are already using for search. This will include both short and long-tailed keywords, which will enable us to develop a longer-term plan for your content strategy and allow us to bring an increased amount of traffic to your website.

Evaluate, refine and update

To get the most out of any SEO campaign, you must track progress. Search is a longer-term investment and in order to see the best ROI possible, you need to evaluate regularly. With Detail, you are getting a dedicated service, tailored exactly to the requirements of your business. It is my job to review, refine and update your search campaigns to ensure they remain relevant and boost your overall ranking.
At each stage of an SEO project, I will provide regular updates to show how everything is progressing and will make clear recommendations as and when required.

Some top benefits of SEO

  • SEO

    An increase in organic traffic

    Organic SEO continues to be one of the best ways to grow your business online. With a solid SEO plan, you can target quality traffic in search, bring more relevant visitors to your website and increase your conversions.

  • An increase in trust and credibility

    From using targeted keywords and adding links, to crafting great content, SEO builds credibility and trust in multiple ways. This trust and credibility allows people to come to your website for more information. Build your website credibility with the help of an SEO consultant.

  • More user-friendly website

    Users expect their online experiences to be easy. If you cannot deliver them a slick visit, they are more likely to head on over to a competitor site. By implementing an SEO strategy backed by actual search data, you can ensure that your website is fast, reliable and intuitive for visitors.

  • Reduced acquisition costs

    A good SEO strategy is one that attracts traffic that converts, reducing your customer acquisition costs and boosting revenue. The good news is that SEO is much less cost-prohibitive than advertising to acquire clients. Good SEO is the often best form of digital marketing in terms of return on investment and results are completely trackable so you can see exactly what is being spent vs what is coming back in to the business.

  • Creates a level playing field

    If you’re a smaller business, you might be consistently overlooked by potential customers due to global organisations flexing their extensive marketing budgets. SEO helps to redress the balance to some extent, so aside from the cost of an SEO campaign, SEO should cost you nothing but time. If you’re committed to improving your search performance, smaller businesses have just as much chance as the big guys to make an impact.

  • Short term effort, long term reward

    Unlike a Google Adwords or Facebook ads campaign, where your advert will disappear once you stop paying, the improvements made to your website will remain. An SEO strategy is really an investment; it takes time and commitment to master. But get it right, and the effects can be long term, taking your business to the next level and solidifying its online presence for years to come.

    Whether you’d like a quote for your project, or simply want to enquire about working together on an SEO project, I’d love to hear from you.

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