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For most internet users today, the process of buying starts by performing an internet search. The internet is now being used as a trusted source of information. Whether one wants to settle a bet, find a local restaurant, compare products, or look for service providers, they often end up on the internet.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for helping your customers locate your business online. I use modern SEO best practices to increase visibility, boost traffic and rankings for appropriate keywords and long-tail phrases that drive potential customers to your website wether you are located locally in Manchester or elsewhere in the UK.

How SEO Works

Internet usage is now centered around search engines (like Google). These search engines essentially provide maps for people to get to where they want to go. To achieve this, each search engine sends out crawlers that collect and analyze content and information they come across to develop an index.


When a potential customer inputs a search query, the search engine’s algorithm filters through that index to locate the most relevant web page to present to the customer. Having a website that complies with these algorithms is key to outranking the competition.


And that’s how SEO comes into play. When a web page is properly optimized, search engines can better understand the website’s content, the value a business has to offer, and how the page connects to relevant keywords. There are over 200 ranking factors but this is the foundation that channels organic traffic to your website.

Growing Your Business with SEO

On average, 3.5 billion searches are made every day on Google alone. If you are a Manchester based business then it is key to be visible when somebody makes a search for what you do. To increase visibility a carefully planned SEO campaign around Manchester needs to be implemented to outrank those websites who are already appearing.


As your SEO Consultant I will work extremely closely with you to ensure that we develop a campaign that matches your long terms business goals. The following are ways SEO can contribute towards business growth:


      Driving traffic

      Lead generation

      Boosting sales

      Maximising brand awareness


Whatever your websites goals are, be it generating local Manchester customers or if your are seeking customers from all over the UK or abroad then the right strategy will be put in to place to achieve them.

Boost Traffic and Increase Revenue

Why is SEO so effective? It targets potential customers who are already looking for what you do and points them to your business. In the vast majority of cases these people are already in buying mode and once they see that you can offer them what they want they are more than likely to make a transaction whether it be an online purchase or an enquiry.


All of my SEO Manchester campaigns target on-page and off-page SEO. This includes aspects like keyword research and content implementation. Through these strategies, it will be easier for your most valuable audience to locate you online.


I will also constantly monitor and analyse the results of your SEO strategy to make sure that your campaign is delivering the best results and make adjustments where required to achieve the best return on investment.


Now that you understand how SEO can help grow your business, why not go ahead and start reaping the benefits of your tailored campaign? You need a partner that can deliver an effective SEO strategy to earn the maximum possible return on investment. I can help you achieve that with my well-thought-out SEO Manchester packages.

What do I do?

My SEO strategies combine but are not limited to the following key services:


      Competitor Analysis

      Keyword Research

      Technical SEO

      Link Building

      Content Strategy


I also have other elements of online marketing that we can discuss once you get in touch. When it all comes together, you can expect a single, unified strategy that delivers:

Increase Traffic

As your website becomes more visible, you will start noticing an increase in the number of visitors each day.

Increase Leads

My SEO Manchester strategies enable you to target an audience that is most likely already interested in your offerings. This means you are found by people who are looking for your products and services.

Increase Revenue

When you increase targeted leads, it becomes easier to convert those leads into paying customers.

Increase Brand Awareness

With SEO, your brand will become the one potential, and existing customers will think about it whenever they are looking for something in your product range.

Increase Business Growth

As you get more traffic, qualified leads, and increased brand awareness, your business will start growing consistently.

Increase Trust and Authority

The more your customers keep seeing you at the top of search results, the more they will start seeing you as an industry authority.

Transparent Deliverables

I have developed custom, performance-driven SEO plans that will enable you to transparently notice the results of optimising your site in search engine rankings.


Whether you’re a small business or an international corporation we will talk about your goals and how we can use SEO to achieve them.


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