SEO Freelancer vs Agency

Posted: 09 Jun 2020

As more and more businesses are recognising the importance of SEO, they are starting to determine whether hiring an SEO Freelancer is the best option. Traditionally, organisations will hire SEO agencies or will have an in-house SEO team. But by using an agency or hiring an SEO team, there are many benefits that you could be missing out on.

No matter what the size of your business, SEO is key to generating more customers, here are five key benefits that you can reap from hiring a freelancer over an agency:

1)    An Extensive Skill Set

SEO Freelancers tend to have a very high skillset. With a varied experience in the field, they know what it takes to create a strategy that works. Although an agency will have professionals that have knowledge of SEO, the staff are often younger with less experience. With an SEO freelancer, they have generally been agency side, developed the skills and have gone off on their own and you can rest assured that they have the specific skill set that will enhance your website – rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service.

2)    You Will Develop A Better Client Relationship

When you work with an SEO Freelancer, you will be able to develop a stronger client relationship. Being able to talk to the person carrying out the work and developing the strategy, the collaboration will be a lot more powerful than if you worked with an agency that has a lot of clients to manage and has several points of contact for your campaign.

In the modern-day, you need a state-of-the-art SEO strategy and that can be adjusted as time goes on. An SEO freelancer will ensure that they are only delivering the highest standard of work as generally the client is responsible for their income rather than a wage.

3)    They Will Often Save You Money

Although SEO Freelancers have a very specialised skill set, their services are far more cost-effective than using an SEO agency. Paying them for the hours that they work, you can budget more effectively. As agencies have various overheads, they will often charge you more – giving you a less personalised service that could result in your business being lost in the sea of your competitors.

4)    They Will Put Their Focus On Your Business

As an SEO freelancer will often only have a limited number of clients at one time, they can ensure that they put their focus on what your business needs – unlike an agency that works with a lot of clients.

Giving you an individualised service, they will put 100% effort into pulling more traffic to your site, measuring the effectiveness of certain campaigns and generating potential leads.

5)    It’s Time-Effective

When you’re running a business, you need to find an effective SEO solution. This is where an SEO Freelancer or SEO Consultant comes in.

Either advising you on the appropriate steps that you should take to grab your target audience’s attention or carrying out the specific tasks that will result in greater sales for your company, they will save you and your employees time. Instead of having to learn the appropriate SEO techniques yourself, you can pass on the responsibility to the freelancer, freeing up time for you within your business.