PPC (Pay Per Click) Management Services

Are you looking to commence a Google Adwords campaign but do not know where to start? Or do you have an existing PPC campaign that is not performing as well as you would like?

I have extensive experience in PPC campaign management for businesses in a similar position.

A lot of work and research needs to go in to an Adwords campaign. Many businesses waste thousands of pounds setting up a Google Ads and launching it believing customers will come as a result. Very often little keyword research and competitor analysis is carried out so money is wasted on poor quality keywords or keywords that have too high a cost per click meaning their budget is used up very quickly with few enquiries or sales generated as a result.

The advert text is also important as it needs to attract the right customers. Poorly constructed adverts can result in either a low number of clicks or too many clicks from customers who are not your target market.

There are also other factors that can effect success such as the landing page, negative keywords and many others that I will take in to account. Having a PPC consultant on hand to carry out proper management of your campaign on a daily basis and adjusting accordingly will ensure that the campaign is generating as few wasted clicks as possible maximising the performance of the campaign.

If you would like to discuss me managing your PPC campaign for you please get in touch.

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