Lead Generation

Lead Generation is key to any businesses growth. Often generating leads isn’t very hard but generating the right leads for your business can be very challenging. To get the right leads you need to be showing your business to the right customers and displaying the right content to maximise how many customers enquire about your services.

I work with a wide range of clients who rather than spending time and money working out the right techniques leave the responsibility to me. I can develop a website and market it for your business and pass the leads generated on to you and either be paid on each lead generated or on a commission per conversion. This way of working is perfect for property, finance or the legal sector where the industries are competitive and returns on investment are high. I work closely with you to develop the best strategy and then take on all responsibility. I will use my experience to develop a simple website with great content and landing pages and then use my SEO & PPC expertise to push the website ensuring that it is displayed to the right people and can increase the number of enquiries that your business generates.

Speed is key to maximising how many leads that you convert. I ensure that leads are sent to you via the best means for your business within minutes of them being generated. This ensures that you can be confident that the lead is still warm and is in the best possible position to be converted.

This is a very bespoke service and requires strategic planning for it to work for both parties. To discuss my lead generation services further please get in touch.

Please bear in mind that this way of working isn’t ideal for eCommerce or the FMCG market where the low order values make it difficult to achieve a return for both parties. Traditional SEO & PPC is the ideal for this industry.

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