Here comes the summer sale – is your landing page ready?

Here comes the summer sale – is your landing page ready?

Are you planning a summer sale?

You’ve probably thought about advertising, brochures or leaflets, and now you need to think about your online presence.

A seasonal landing page is perfect for pushing your summer offers.

It’s something which can stand separately from your website – it’s your digital version of a flyer which can be shared on social media.

Get the content right, and it could be one of your best conversion tools.


Must-haves for the summer season


Images which scream sunshine, good times, fun, and laughter. Whatever you’re selling, whether it’s ice cream, clothes, day trips, cars, or furniture, give everything a light and bright feel with aspirational images. If you’re selling camping equipment, use images of people in T-shirts, shorts, and sun hats having a barbecue. You’re selling a lifestyle as well as a product. Sell the benefits.


Use a light, bright typeface. Your typography can be 95% of any web page, so make it count. Pastel colours look good on summer landing pages, but be careful not to make it over the top. Keep to the usual guidelines about using typefaces – choose one or two fonts, choose your typeface to suit your business, and don’t mix too many colours.


Watch your language. Use words which back up your visuals. Tell a compelling summer story – how will your products solve your customers’ problems and enhance their summer?


General rules for landing pages


Make them mobile-friendly. Smartphones have now overtaken laptops and PCs as the main way we access the internet. If your page isn’t mobile friendly, you’re restricting the potential audience.


Integrate social media. Make it as easy as possible for people to share your page. Your customers and employees can become your best sales people and advocates. People might dismiss a post from a company, but they’ll take it far more seriously if it comes from a customer or a member of staff. Referrals work!


Create a sense of urgency. Run offers which expire within a month or a week. Make the deadline clear to your readers at the top of your landing page – what designers call “above the fold”. What’s the point of that? In marketing terms, creating that sense of urgency helps to speed up the decision-making process when it comes to buying. Speedier purchases mean better cashflow!


Make it as easy as possible for your prospects to become customers. Conversion is king when it comes to landing pages. The general recommendation is that your prospects don’t have to click more than twice to get a conversion form. If you’re in e-commerce, reduce that to one click. If you’re a service business, put the form on your landing page – no clicks needed.


Make navigation to other potential sales pages simple. Create hyperlinks where needed, create clean and user-friendly navigation bars. Keep your customers happy with the UX, and they’ll keep coming back to your site and your future landing pages.


Create an effective summer landing page, and you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the sunshine as the business rolls in.