2019 SEO Best Practices

2019 SEO Best Practices

A crucial task for modern marketers to be successful is to get their content optimized for search engines. Whether you are a writer, a marketer or an SEO specialist, having an understanding of content optimization is important. Given the level of competition that exists online, organic search has to be a priority and as most of us use Google at least once a day, you can bet your consumers are, too. If you are looking to boost your results in the remainder of 2019, you need these SEO best practices:

Conversions & Video

Google has always given points to websites for ranking with high user retention, lower bounce rates and a longer time spent on-page. So, if you can engage your viewers, you will likely rank better in the search engine results pages. You can land new conversions from consumers when you incorporate video in to your landing pages, and this can increase by up to 80% because you are directly engaging your viewers.

No More Competition

In 2019, it’s predicted that businesses could follow Blue Ocean Strategy now more than ever. It’s the theory that by wading into market space that is not already flooded with your competition you’ll find more success. Clear water is easier than shark-infested water, of course. You need to find the areas in which you can provide the right business advice before your competition get there. If you do that, you’ll have the authority with an indexed page before anyone else gets there!

Bye, Bye, Zombie Pages

If you haven’t checked your website lately, there is every chance that your website is infected with zombie pages. These are pages that have zero value to your website traffic or your presence online, but they take form as duplicated content, product pages where no one clicks and even old blog posts. Nearly every website has some zombie pages, and they don’t always matter, but if there are loads of zombie pages, you could find it detrimental to your SEO. 

There is no traffic or engagement earned for zombie pages, and these are the pages that will bloat your sitemap. It’s time to say goodbye and set the results pages to no-index. Doing this can help you to repurpose your content where you need to and support consumer engagement.

The Role of User Experience

User experience is always going to play a role in your SEO, but for 2019, you need to focus on it even more. Improve the user experience with your brand, and there are several strategies that you should explore, including:

  • Sloughing off unnecessary pages
  • Content adjustment to cater for your users
  • New topic exploration
  • Using video to support fast information handling

Ranking well in SEO in 2019 is essential, but it’s not about just the numbers. You want to establish yourself in 2019 as a trustworthy resource for your visiting consumers so that they will come back and see you again and again.