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Striking the balance between Freelancer & Agency.


Who am I?

I am a forward-thinking SEO Freelancer & Consultant. I work with clients all over the country and internationally who are looking to improve their Search Marketing, be it through Organic SEO or Paid Marketing (PPC).

Who do I work with?

I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes from small local businesses seeking local traffic up to national eCommerce brands who compete in the toughest of marketplaces. Every business has
different goals and ambitions and their Search Marketing has to be tailored towards those goals. I
also work closely with a number of creative and marketing agencies who need SEO and PPC support
for their clients.

Why use me?

As any SEO Freelancer should, I never rest on my laurels and keep well up to date with modern search techniques and intent to ensure that I have an offering that can rival any on the market. I have extensive experience within the digital marketing sector and having worked for various agencies decided to bite the bullet and set up on my own back in 2012 and have been growing clients search presence ever since.

Freelancer or Agency?

A concern that a lot of businesses have when choosing between an SEO Freelancer or Agency is that they may save money with a Freelancer but are they getting an inferior service? Good, reliable SEO Consultants are fewer and far between than you would think and those who have the required skillset and experience to grow your business online generally work for themselves. Using a freelancer often results in your business getting the highest quality person carrying out your Search Marketing while saving you valuable budget.

Lower Overheads

Due to having lower overheads than agencies I am able to offer a market leading SEO solution at a much lower cost. This provides my clients a higher return on investment from their SEO & PPC spends.

Close relationship

By offering a hands-on approach to my clients Search Marketing you will not just be another number with an agency who is assigned an account manager, but you will have direct contact to the person responsible for the work. This helps both parties understand the project more clearly resulting in better communication and performance.

“After using many agencies and consultants unsuccessfully in the past we decided to give Graeme a chance. We are glad that we did. Graeme is a true expert in search marketing and has helped us grow our traffic and sales considerably, we can’t recommend him enough.”

Say Hello!

I am Graeme Winchester, a freelance Manchester SEO consultant with years of experience helping businesses all over the country get their website ranked, whether that is through organic search engine optimisation or pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Whether you are a small local business or a national brand, SEO matters. It matters because it can be the difference between a potential customer falling across your site on Google and not – and we all know that more traffic = more sales.

I work closely with clients to help them improve ranking through white hat link building strategies, producing content that engages and excites customers, researching relevant and targeted keywords and casting a very experienced eye over your existing SEO strategy…….

Why does your business need me to look at your SEO?

If you have just stumbled across the term SEO and are wondering what it is all about, let me explain.

SEO is search engine optimisation. In layman’s terms, that means making sure that your website and all of the content within it is as visible as it possibly can be on search engines such as Google and Bing

SEO is essential to your digital marketing strategy. Every day, millions of searches are carried out, often with the intent of making a purchase or to find out about a service. Organic search is often one of the biggest drivers of traffic for brands.

Greater visibility and higher ranking in search results than your competition can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

What benefits will you gain from my SEO experience?

As an SEO specialist, I am genuinely enthusiastic about search engine optimisation and strongly believe that it is the most affordable and cost-effective form of online marketing, more so than social media or paid advertising.

Executed properly, it will increase the quality and quantity of your organic traffic.

Some of the benefits include:

An increase in organic traffic

Search engine audiences are demanding and already tell you exactly what it is that they want from you through their search terms.

We know that the top positions on search engine results pages get the most clicks – very few people go past the first page when looking for something – so ranking highly on Google, Bing and other search engines can result in a significant boost of traffic for your website.

An increase in trust and credibility

Being highly ranked in search results signals to those looking that you are a major player in your particular sector.

Likewise, there is a common misconception that the further down you are in the organic search results, the less credible and trustworthy you are.

More user-friendly website

Users demand superb experiences now, and this is reflected by the fact that is a significant factor in ranking.

Because of this, a part of search engine optimization is ensuring that your website is fast, reliable and is intuitive for users.

Reduced acquisition costs

SEO is far less cost prohibitive than advertising to acquire clients. Good SEO is, in fact, the best form of digital marketing. If you have experience in Google algorithms, website coding and keyword research, SEO will cost you nothing other than time.

Otherwise, the only cost is in hiring an experienced and knowledgeable SEO Freelancer or SEO consultant to help you to increase your search engine ranking.

Redresses the balance

For smaller firms, it can feel unfair. How are you supposed to compete with global organisations and their vast marketing budgets? Well, SEO can level out that playing field and redress the balance to some extent. As I mentioned above, an SEO consultant or SEO freelancer is the only cost associated and it all boils down to knowledge and creativity.

This means that the smaller businesses have just as much chance as the big guys.

Short term effort for long term reward

Paying for an SEO consultant or SEO freelancer is really an investment. It takes a bit of time, perception, and commitment to master. But get it right, and the effects can reach far into the future, boosting user experience and your overarching online presence.

Most of all, rank well and you will find that you have a sustained flow of traffic and potential leads for months and years to come.

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