Search Marketing

The search engines are in most cases the first place users go to seek products and services.

As a leading SEO Consultant I can help your business improve its rankings, return on investment and conversions from the major search engines.


Search Marketing

Who am I ?

I am an SEO Freelancer & Consultant based in Manchester. I work with clients all over the country who are looking to improve their search engine rankings, traffic and website performance as well as a number of creative and marketing agencies who are looking to outsource their SEO work. Due to having lower overheads than agencies I am able to offer a market leading SEO solution at a much lower cost and provide my clients a higher return on investment from their SEO spend. By keeping up to date with the latest search algorithm updates and guidelines I am able to offer a cutting edge SEO solution to businesses all over the UK.


As an SEO Freelancer I consider achieving ranking improvements for my clients as the basic element of an SEO campaign (although a lot of work does go in to growing a websites ranking). Once ranking improvements have been achieved I work closely with you to help improve your websites overall performance by monitoring user behaviour and making suggestions to turn that traffic in to ever increasing sales or enquiries. There are hundreds of factors that the search engines take in to account when ranking your website and I am very hands on to ensure that your website complies as well as possible ensuring that the search engines read, index and understand what your website offers and is trying to promote. This is the first port of call when commencing an SEO campaign. There are many areas of your website that the search engines assess to determine what your webpage is about and if they find it hard to read you website then it is extremely difficult to improve its ranking. This is commonly known as On-Page SEO.

On-Page & Off-Page

Once we have your website in a position where it is being indexed well we will often need to develop a content marketing and off-page SEO strategy. This is the process of building your websites reputation online via the sourcing of links to your own website from trustworthy authoritative and relevant sources. This is usually the most time consuming aspect of a search marketing campaign but also remains the most important. Well written engaging content drives good quality traffic to your website and is likely to be shared throughout the internet growing your visibility online. Links from relevant trustworthy sources grow your own websites trust and as a result how and where the search engines rank you. On-page & Off-page SEO go hand in hand are both extremely important to improving your visibility online. My years as an SEO Consultant have tought me that there are no quick fixes to improving your rankings but done correctly and naturally will provide long term search rankings that can provide a huge return on investment.


I am a forward thinking Freelance SEO consultant. Never resting on my laurels I keep well up to date with modern search techniques to ensure that I have an offering that can rival any offering on the market. I have extensive experience within the digital marketing sector and having worked for various agencies decided to bite the bullet and set up on my own back in 2012.

By offering a very hands on approach to my clients SEO I consistently grow and increase revenue and sales volumes through all aspects of Search Marketing.

I manage SEO & PPC campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes. I have experience helping new start ups make the most of a limited budget all the way up to national brands who may have may have had success online but are looking to move their brand on to the next level online.

“After using many agencies and consultants unsuccessfully in the past we decided to give Graeme a chance. We are glad that we did. Graeme is a true expert in search marketing and has helped us grow our traffic and sales considerably, we can’t recommend him enough”


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